The British captured the Cape Colony at the turn of the previous century and returned power to the Dutch at the start of the 19th century for a short period and took control back again in 1806. The Boers were not friendly towards the British. The British introduced pass laws, which contained the name of the employer and residence which created political problems.

The Boers started a mass migration North into Africa and the British allowed the migration. The Trekboere discovered Natal, which the British seized, then later the Orange Free State and Transvaal which became the Boere Republics.

The British allowed the expansion of the Boere Republics, up onto the moment when Gold and Diamonds were discovered. 

All of the events culminated into what is today known as the Second Boer War.


Second Boer War

The war changed the history of South Africa.

  • Mass Boer Migration
  • Boer Republics
  • Second Boer War